Dark Entry I – Welcome and Why

Back in the 1980s, I was a Teenage Goth. This was way before the Internet and Hot Topics.

Sometime around 1992 or 1993, I grew out of the Goth subculture. I cringe now thinking about some of the stuff I listened to back in the 1990s, but eventually I came around to Goth again. At this point, my involvement with the Goth subculture has been on and off. It’s not as serious as I was back in my teen years, but occasionally I’ll check in.

As an middle aged adult I’m taking a look back on traditional Goth, both past and present. This blog will talk about the music, fashions, DJs, nightclubs, films, history, culture, etc.

Basically just wanted to talk about traditional Goth, Post Punk, Industrial, New Wave, some retro Glam, some Punk (probably from the ’77 era, but we’ll see) and anything related to these subjects. It’s hard to pigeonhole these genres per say, cause so many of them cross over and correspond with each other. If you stumbled upon this site hoping to read about H.I.M., for example, keep moving. Most likely I’ll be discussing bands like Sisters of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend, Danse Society, Virgin Prunes, Christian Death, Xmal Deutschland, Fad Gadget…you get the ideal. In the process I’ll probably post about current bands that I personally like. Bands like Combichrist and Coldcave.

Even though I will probably be more nostalgic on this particular blog, it won’t be totally serious. Really just started to this blog to highlight the roots of traditional Goth subcultures.

Besides reflecting, I would also like to give some focus on some current stuff. So if you’re a band, a designer, etc., let me know. I can review your music or whatever product on my blog.

Email: darkentriesblog@gmail.com


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