About Dark Entries

Back when I was growing up in the 1980s, you could easily describe me as a “Goth.” This was way before the days of Hot Topic, file sharing and the good old internet. Neither the initial style nor the music was accepted. While Gothic music was more accessible than Hardcore punk for example, it still wasn’t part of the mainstream.

Now that (as of this posting) it’s 2014, a lot has changed. Goth music and it’s related overall subcultures have been adopted by the masses. Despite the influence Goth continues to have on current pop culture, along the way the roots have been lost. Despite the influence Goth continues to have on current pop culture. From my observation, it seems like many do not seem to care about original traditional Goth. The history is not respected, as Goth itself has been branched out to numerous fractions, subgroups within subgroups. The result? The Goth Underground is dead. While it’s been dead for quite some time, it’s still no excuse for misinformation and disregard for what exactly is or was the traditional Goth movement.

No, we’re not talking about Nightmare Before Christmas kitsch, or acts like H.I.M. We’re not even talking about those bands riding on the wave of tried and true stereotypes. You know, those bands that sound like a copy of a copy without retaining any kind of soul. While I do enjoy some of the Tim Burton films, for example, there’s a lot more to Goth than wearing all black.

Hence, why I’m doing this blog.

After 1992, I grew out of Goth. Soon my attention went into different directions. Personally I listen to many different types of music. Somewhere along the way, I found myself going back to my own teenage roots. Rediscovered all the Goth classics bands like Siouxise and The Banshees, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, etc. The list goes on. Well except The Cure. I just couldn’t stomach them anymore. It took me 20 years just to even listen to an old song from Robert Smith and company again.

Now that I just committed some Goth blasphemy on my part, allow me to state this. This is really an opinionated blog of sorts. Not expecting everyone to agree with me one hundred percent. At the same token, I also wanted to try and set the record straight about what the original Goth culture was all about. Going back to basics. Black hair, fishnets, winkle pickers and all. The blog will be part nostalgia, part current, part editorial, part humorous. Besides. I just got so sick and tired of hearing some people claim that Depeche Mode was one of the first Industrial bands ever. Anyway, time to set the record somewhat straight. After all, Bela Lugosi’s not really dead. He just lives on in some 1980’s song.

Anyone who wants to send material for review, or photographs, you can contact me via email: darkentriesblog@gmail.com. Anything sent will receive proper credit.

*This blog is maintained by Michele Witchipoo. Currently she’s an illustrator, aspiring cartoonist, and overall misanthrope studying graphic design in NYC. You can check out her main blog and website below:




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An opinionated blog about traditional Goth – both past and present

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